About Me

Jeff has lived in Matthews for 17 years; working at the Family Dollar Distribution Center on Monroe Road for 15. He became active in the community serving on various boards and committees before running for Commissioner and is honored to be serving his 5th term. He is now the Owner of Miller Time Property Management. He is bilingual Spanish and was married in August, 2017 to Peggy, a Registered Nurse with Novant.

Leadership Qualifications

  • Commissioner - Town of Matthews 2007-Present
  • Centralina Council of Governments Delegate 2007-2013
  • Board of Directors - Matthews Chamber of Commerce 2008-2011
  • Family Dollar Chairman’s Circle Award – 2008
  • Strategic Economic Development Leadership Team – 2007
  • Chairman - Matthews Parks & Recreation Advisory Board - 2005-2008


  • The building of the Four Mile Creek Greenway, Greenway Trail
  • Fountain Rock Park-Chairman of the Mayoral Task Force for the New Design
  • Public Art on the Greenway - We won the Centralina Council of Governments Region of Excellence Award for the Sewer Pipe Art Initiative
  • The Gateway Entrances into the Town with Median Plantings, the Wayfinding System enhancements, the widening of South Trade Street
  • Matthews SportsPlex (Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby Tournaments)
  • RR Parking Lot Improvements
  • Culvert widened under Trade Street in 2018
  • Greenway to push thru to MARA and up Fullwood

Important Positions

1. Traffic
The Mayor & I pushed hard for the widening of Trade Street. We’ve added connectivity between the Community Center & Sadie Drive; We’ve built a connector street called Charles Buckley Way between John & Charles Streets to assist in commuting thru downtown // Phillips Road Re-Paving has been completed // Widening of NC 51 up to Phillips Road – 2015 // McKee Road Ext. Section "B" done // Sam Newell & NE Parkway now has a traffic light // NC 51/Idlewild Roundabout.
2. John Street
First, I understand some need for this as a Regional Project, however, I feel that the sequence of other projects nearby should be re-prioritized. When the Traffic Study took place for John Street:
  • The improvements on 74 were NOT considered; this is a flaw.
  • McKee Road Section A was NOT considered which was shortsighted.
Before the John Street widening begins:
  1. We should WAIT on the Monroe Bypass to be connected (2018) so that Union County Traffic can learn a BETTER way to get home.
  2. We should WAIT until the 485 Interchange at Weddington Road (2019) is built. This provides another means for Union County residents to drive AROUND Matthews.
  3. 74 will be complete to 485 (2020).
  4. We should WAIT on the McKee Road Extension (Section A in 2020) to connect from Pleasant Plains to John Street so that there is another means to direct Traffic AROUND Matthews, not through it.
  5. Take into account that another common route is being improved – Sardis => 51 => Fullwood Intersections widened (2020).
  6. Realize that the Independence Point & Northeast Parkways will run parallel to Independence Blvd and be extended, offering more alternatives.
Regarding the John Street Pedestrian Sidewalk & Multi-use Path:
  • Please don't put them right at the curb
    • It's a safety issue
    • Hardly a small-town feel
    • In today's world filled with terror and drivers 'mowing down' pedestrians, this cannot be a best method practice
3. Controlling Growth
Approve only smart development on the little land that we have left; work with infill type projects. We cannot tell land owners what to do with their land. Most developable property in town can be built out "by right" with little to no involvement from the town. Though some would prefer to see the last few open spaces in town undeveloped or turned into parks, that isn't financially possible for the town or fair to the landowners. Eventually, the land will be developed, and it is the responsibility of the Town Council to steer these projects in a direction that will have the best outcome for our citizens. Acts & Ericson Retirement Communities have relatively little impact on traffic or schools compared to a subdivision. We are moving forward with infrastructure improvements as quickly and aggressively as funding allows.

Matthews Has been recognized as:

  • Top Ten Best Cities in North Carolina

  • One of the Top Ten Suburban Towns in America

  • Top Ten Places to Retire in North Carolina

  • One of the Ten Best Towns for Families in the Nation – Family Circle Magazine

  • Age Friendly Community – AARP

  • 97% of residents feel that Matthews is a good place to live & raise a family - 2015 Citizen Survey

Support Jeff Miller

Matthews is thriving today because we’ve created an environment that allows you and your business to be competitive & successful. Our public relations efforts reinforce your business marketing. Our event attendees are your customers/clients. If re-elected, I will work with the new Mayor and other Commissioners to seek solutions to the challenges ahead of us, while being fiscally responsible.